MAqoor movement

“Maqoor” is an environmental movement aiming to unite people with the goal of solving current environmental issues. Advocating the idea that even picking up a single piece of litter can result in greater change, the movement started its path with small clean-up events in Armenia. With its teams, Maqoor continues to encourage collective steps through education and actions, leading to impactful changes in society.


In the early spring of 2023, our friends from Europe decided to visit us in Armenia. For the first time, we started seeing the country not from the eyes of a local but from the eyes of a visitor. This was when we noticed how polluted our surrounding was. Willing to pridefully live in a clean environment, we promised to have our friends see Armenia clean next time they visit us. 

Starting from a small clean-up in May, from project after project, the Maqoor community grew into a nationwide movement. Only within a month, Maqoor was able to unite each region of Armenia under the slogan “Let’s make saving the planet a trend!”. Organizing teams in all the regions of Armenia, Maqoor started implementing not only clean-up projects but also seminars, conferences, and workshops in the field of environmental sustainability. With Maqoor, the Armenian community learned to sort litter, reuse materials, build small solar panels, and much more.

We put the beginning of the change in Armenia, but our enthusiasm had no limits. By organizing the Global Maqoor Day, we united over 100 countries for our mission. This was the start of Maqoor as a global movement. Since then, the Maqoor movement has permanently existed in many countries, with the list continuously growing.

As the roots of the issue lay in the lack of environmental education, Maqoor seeks to solve it with its clubs in educational institutions all over the world. Starting from ordinary high schools in Armenia and ending with prestigious universities.

All in all, Maqoor continues to spread all over the world, and it is your turn to take action and make a change in your community. Together, we can make saving the planet a trend!

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