Armenia hosts its largest Earth Day Celebration

On April 20th, Armenia will host its largest Earth Day celebration to date, a milestone event that underscores the growing environmental consciousness within the nation. In a noteworthy collaboration,, an organization that has been at the forefront of advocating for the planet’s well-being since the 1970s, will partner with Maqoor, an Armenian environmental initiative that has made significant efforts since its beginning in May 2023. Together, we are setting a foundation for future collaborations and environmental activism in the region.

Maqoor has quickly become a key player in Armenia’s environmental dialogue, mobilizing over 400 events and engaging upwards of 6,000 individuals in conservation efforts within just ten months. The movement’s impact now transcends Armenia’s borders, with representatives promoting its vision in over a dozen countries and respected academic spaces.

One of the centerpieces of the Earth Day celebrations will be in Yerevan, where over 800 volunteers are expected to gather. This day is not merely about tidying up streets; it symbolizes a broader commitment to the stewardship of our Environment. The collective energy of those assembling for the cause will bring renewed energy to the city as citizens from all walks of life join hands in this effort.

The day’s activities culminate with a key conference at the American University of Armenia. This gathering, in collaboration with the AUA Acopean Center for the Environment, will host a strong lineup of Armenia’s environmental thought leaders, including the passionate advocates from Maqoor, experienced professionals from, and influential figures from both the Yerevan Municipality and the Armenian Ministry of Environment.

This Earth Day event is not just a meeting—it is a crucial step for Armenia’s greener future. It is a forum for exchanging ideas, creating strategic alliances, and catalyzing actions that will resonate for years to come. We aim to channel the day’s collective energy into tangible improvements for our Environment and society at large.

Looking ahead, we see a promising future that begins with our collective actions this Earth Day. We invite you to take this chance to effect enduring change and motivate others to join our mission. By working in unison, we can celebrate Earth Day every day and guarantee that the natural wonders of Armenia are preserved for the enjoyment and prosperity of generations to come.

Join us on April 20th for the grandest Earth Day celebration in Armenia’s history and be a part of a movement that loves and protects our planet. Together, we can make saving the planet a trend.


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